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    Safety with Adhesives

    Industrial Spray Adhesives - Safety Data Sheets.

    Safety First Using Industrial Spray AdhesivesLike with most hazardous materials, the use of PremierBond spray adhesives should only be undertaken by qualified personnel who are familiar with the use of adhesive cylinders, the associated ventilation requirements and also what to do if anything should go wrong.

    As required by the Health & Safety Executive in the UK as well as European Law, comprehensive safety data sheets for each product in the PremierBond Spray Adhesive Range (including th elatest European REACH regulations) have been prepared and are available for download.

    PremierBond strongly recommend that a hard copy of these sheets are retained wherever the adhesives are being used, and operators are familiar with their contents.

    PremierBond Contact Spray Adhesive Range


    PremierBond TC25

    PremierBond F60

    Premierbond NM

    TC25 Plus safety data sheet


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