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  • PremierBond Industrial Spray Adhesives Provide High Strength, Waterproof and Cost Effective Bonding Solutions in a Variety of Commercial Applications including Laminate Bonding. Call 0118 9453533 for more information.

    PremierBond Adhesives

    High Strength Industrial Laminate Adhesives from PremierBond

    Whatever the application, there is a PremierBond adhesive to suit the requirment - whether it is our own brand spray adhesive, or custom product . Use the table below to identify the contact spray adhesive for your requirements:

    PremierBond Contact Aerosol Adhesive Range



    PremierBond TC25

    High strength, permanent waterproof bond - ideal for bonding all laminates. Also suitable for bonding sheet metal.

    PremierBond F60

    Waterproof bonding ideal for use with polystyrene foam (EPS) for all internal and external applications

    Premierbond NM

    Environmentally friendly non-methylene chloride product with low HAPs. Versatile adhesive for laminate bonding and upholstery applications. Also suitable for bonding sheet metal.


    TC25 Plus

    Ultra High strength and Heat Resistance for the Bonding of High-Pressure Laminates, totally waterproof. Also suitable for bonding sheet metal.


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