Industrial Contact Spray Adhesives. Product Care Advice from PremierBond

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    PremierBond Product Care

    Getting the most from PremierBond Spray Adhesives

    Like many industrial products, PremierBond spray adhesives will give you the best results if you take care when using them.

    1. Storage - keep canisters in a safe and secure environment.
    2. Temperature - all contact spray adhesives are vulnerable to extremes of temperature and best results are always obtained when using at room temperature so always protect from freezing. Check the operating temperature range of the product you are using in the product Safety Data Sheets and see our application guide and video for best results.
    3. Surroundings - always use PremierBond spray adhesives in a well ventilated location away from heat sources or naked flames
    4. Spillage and Clean-up - try to avoid spillage which is costly and time-consuming to deal with. Spillage guidance is available here and more detail is available in the product Safety Data Sheets. Clean spray heads thoroughly after to use to ensure quality results and extend life.
    5. Environment - consider the environment when using industrial adhesives. Dispose of excess adhesive and cleaning materials safely and recycle empty canisters.

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