High Tack Spray Adhesive TC25 Plus, High strength and heat resistant bonding

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    TC25 Plus

    TC25 Plus Fast Tack High Tack, Quick Drying, Spray Contact Adhesive

    TC25 PLus is the market leader for the application on High Pressure Laminates (HPL), the higher levels of "Solid Content" in the adhesive means the TC25 Plus bond strength and heat resistance is even greater than that of TC25.

    Use for areas of high humidity or temperature then TC25 Plus is the perfect choice, because of its Ultra High strength and Heat Resistance for the Bonding of High Pressure Laminates, totally waterproof and suitable for bonding sheet metal.

    Directions for use: Please refer to the application guide and video for advice on using PremierBond adhesives

    Safety Recommendations: See the manufacturers safety data sheet for full safety guidance on this product

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