PremierBond High Quality Spray Adhesives have Quality Control Standards

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    Quality Control

    High quality contact aerosol adhesives are the result of tight quality control standards

    PremierBond products are high quality spray adhesives with a high rubber content and audited cylinder weights. Quality is of paramount importance when using a contact spray adhesive as failure can be costly in terms of time, materials and reputation.

    That is why every single canister of PremierBond spray adhesive is labelled to show the following information:

    • Batch details for ingredients
    • Date of filling (Julian date)
    • The actual employee who vacuums (cleans) the cylinder
    • The actual employee who fills and weighs the cylinder
    • The actual employee who adds the propellant
    • The actual employee that spray tests the cylinder

    Strict stock rotation at all storage points ensures that product is always fresh and ready to deliver optimum spray performance.

    No other manufacturer provides this information

    PremierBond Adhesive Cylinder Quality Control

    To ensure that you get a high quality finish - use PremierBond high quality products.

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