PremierBond TC25 Laminate Contact Adhesive

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    PremierBond TC25

    PremierBond TC25 High Strength, Industrial Contact Adhesive

    For applications where a fast, strong, total contact adhesive is required, PremierBond TC25 is the solution. PremierBond TC25 is fast drying for rapid application, low in odour and non-flammable making it a safe choice for all general and industrial uses. Its tolerance to high temperatures makes it an ideal choice for specialist wood requirements.

    TC25 - key benefits
    • Completely portable canisters and aerosol containers in 4 sizes
    • Dries in 2 - 3 minutes
    • Open bonding time of up to 15 minutes
    • Even and controlled spray distribution
    • Use for permanent bonding
    • Withstands high temperatures
    • Ideal for custom woodworking
    • Suitable for bonding sheet metal
    • Low odour
    • Available in red or clear

    PremierBond TC25 Canister Sizes:

    17oz (483g) aerosol can
    11lb (5Kg) canister
    38lb (17.3Kg) canister
    185lb (84.2Kg) returnable canister

    PremierBond TC25 Applications:

    furniture and upholstery
    high-pressure laminates
    edge banding
    automotive headliners
    sheet metal

    Directions for use: Please refer to the application guide and video for advice on using PremierBond adhesives

    Safety Recommendations: See the manufacturers safety data sheet for full safety guidance on this product

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