Handling and Storage of Industrial Laminate Adhesives - Premierbond

  • PremierBond Industrial Spray Adhesives Provide High Strength, Waterproof and Cost Effective Bonding Solutions in a Variety of Commercial Applications including Laminate Bonding. Call 0118 9453533 for more information.

    Handling and Storage

    Safe Handling of PremierBond Spray Adhesives

    Aerosol Adhesives should ideally be:

    • ideally stored in a controlled environment between 16C and 38C
    • stored away from direct sunlight
    • not be stored on a concrete floor
    • protected from freezing

    Always use approved equipment for transport of canisters to avoid puncturing or rupturing. DO NOT reuse canisters as there may be unseen damage or weakness that could rupture on refill.

    Spillage: Clean up small spillage with floor cleaning compound or suitable absorbents. Larger spills should be flushed to a collection basin for disposal. Clean area of spill with detergent and water. Rotate stock on a "First in, First out" basis.

    Shelf life: PremierBond when stored at recommended temperatures in the original, unopened container has a shelf life of at least 24 months.

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