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  • PremierBond Industrial Spray Adhesives Provide High Strength, Waterproof and Cost Effective Bonding Solutions in a Variety of Commercial Applications including Laminate Bonding. Call 0118 9453533 for more information.

    About PremierBond

    PremierBond Contact Adhesive is ideal for Bonding LaminatesCreffields (Timber & Boards) Ltd has seen a rapid development in the supply of aerosol spray adhesives to a variety of industries both in the United Kingdom and around the globe. The demand for spray adhesives by the Exhibition, Theatre, TV and Shopfitting industries that Creffields specialise in has meant that PremierBond is now recognised as a top quality spray adhesive.

    By performing all research, development and marketing focus in-house, Premierbond has grown into a premier manufacturer and supplier of the highest quality range of aerosol adhesives. They are committed to offering only the safest and strongest specialty adhesives for a diverse range of applications and processes. PremierBond has become the leader in new and exciting adhesive solutions enabling several industries to comply with low VOC, environmental and regulatory concerns.

    Quality is of paramount importance when using an adhesive, every single canister is labelled to show the following information:

    • Batch details for ingredients
    • Date of filling
    • The actual employee who vacuums (cleans) the cylinder
    • The actual employee who fills and weighs the cylinder
    • The actual employee who adds the propellant
    • The actual employee that spray tests the cylinder
    No other manufacturer provides this information

    All PremierBond products have been registered for the new REACH European Community Regulations for the use of Chemicals and their safe use.

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