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Royal Opera House Workshops
21 July 2015
We are pleased to announce that the royal Opera House Workshops have and will continue to use Premierbond more

Latest films that Premierbond TC25 and F60 have been used in
15 July 2015
Premierbond has been picked to be used in the following more

PremierBond Industrial Spray Adhesives Provide High Strength, Waterproof and Cost Effective Bonding Solutions in a Variety of Commercial Applications including Laminate Bonding. Call 0118 9453533 for more information.

Spray Adhesive Application Video Guide

Contact Spray Adhesives - A video guide to using PremierBond products

Guidance on using PremierBond spray adhesives is availabie on our Application Guide page, but there is nothing better than to be able to see what is being described. Please spend a few minutes watching this short application and usage video