PremierBond or Premier Bond, Industrial Aerosol Spray Adhesives

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Royal Opera House Workshops
21 July 2015
We are pleased to announce that the royal Opera House Workshops have and will continue to use Premierbond more

Latest films that Premierbond TC25 and F60 have been used in
15 July 2015
Premierbond has been picked to be used in the following more

PremierBond Industrial Spray Adhesives Provide High Strength, Waterproof and Cost Effective Bonding Solutions in a Variety of Commercial Applications including Laminate Bonding. Call 0118 9453533 for more information.


PremierBond Industrial Contact Aerosol Adhesives

PremierBond F60 Adhesive Bonds EPS Panels

At PremierBond we offer a choice of high quality aerosol adhesives designed to address specific industrial requirements:

  • Bonding Laminate Boards (HPL)
  • Polystyrene Foam (EPS) Applications
  • Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Adhesives
  • Non Methylene Chloride Adhesives (HSEA)
  • High Solid Content
  • High Temperature Range
  • European Approved Canister

The PremierBond range of adhesives is ideal for use in a variety of industries from shopfitting to flooring; marine applications to furniture and upholstery; and even theatre and TV set construction and exhibition stand build.

Polystyrene adhesive - Premierbond F60 and Westech DMEasy are excellent for applications when adhering Expanded Polystyrenes. Our contact adhesives are unparalleled in their fields and must be seen to be believed! Please contact us for an on site demonstration.

PremierBond Aerosol Contact Adhesives give Quality ResultsManufactured by our exclusive UK manufacturer partner, Westech, our products are easy to use and provide high strength adhesion. When applied correctly (See our Application Guide), they are among the most cost-effective products on the market and certainly deliver a high quality end result.

With PremierBond, quality control is taken seriously. All adhesive cylinders are tracked through the filling, priming and weighing process and signed out by the individual responsible for each task. With such accountability, the quality of the product is always assured. All PremierBond contact spray adhesives are supplied in a EU Approved canister and have EEC Certification (See our Safety Data Sheets).

If you've been looking for a range of adhesives with superior strength, which are simple to use, then look no further than PremierBond.